Top 5 Restaurant that are nominated for James Beard Award

1. Obelix, Chicago

Obelix, Chicago
Obelix, Chicago

Great restaurants make you feel to spend money freely. They encourage you to order more elaborately than usual. You try to spend more time at the table. Obelix restaurant is known for its taste and various types of delicious dishes.


2. Tatemó, Houston

Tatemó, Houston

Tatemó is one of only three Texas restaurants to make the expanded 40-strong rankings. Their mission is to restore the cultural value of maíz, and its nutritional value in Houston, Texas by showcasing the diversity of heirloom corn, from different landscapes and purveyors of Mexico via masa products like tortillas.


3. Nolia, Cincinnati

Nolia, Cincinnati

Nolia is serving you classic southern flavors, as well as imaginative and unconventional twists to familiar staples. It has one of the best atmospheres, food, and hospitality. Chef Jeff Harris is serving classic southern flavors at Nolia Kitchen, as well as imaginative and unconventional twists to familiar staples.


4. Lupi & Iris, Milwaukee

Lupi & Iris, Milwaukee

Lupi and Iris focus on Mediterranean cuisine. The food focuses on dishes and flavors of the sun-drenched Mediterranean. Lupi & Iris was carefully designed to accommodate your corporate and social celebrations in our versatile private dining spaces. The menu as well as the names of the private dining rooms are inspired by the French and Italian Riviera.


5. Kann, Portland

Kann, Portland

Kann is a Haitian restaurant by Gregory Gourdet in Portland, Oregon. Waz Wu included Kann in Eater Portland’s 2023 list of “Portland’s Primo Special Occasion Restaurants for Vegans and Vegetarians. Apart from that Kann also detours into imagined Haiti dishes conjured with West African influences, Caribbean crops and rhythms, and Gourdet’s down-to-earth elegance.

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