Things to do in Minnesota

Minnesota is a state in the Upper Midwestern region of the United States. It is considered as the 22nd most populous and  12th largest U.S. state in the area with over 5.75 million residents. Minnesota has all the awesome places which make it all the more special to visit.

1. Explore Voyageurs National Park

Explore Voyageurs National Park

Voyageurs National Park is known for its forestry and three beautiful lakes. This is one of a few picturesque Minnesota attractions where visitors can enjoy water recreation all year long. The park is a location to experience the real outdoor adventure of pine trees, serene lakes, and wetlands. Voyageurs National Park provides crystal clear waters. The most popular and amazing thing to do at this park is to rent a houseboat. It also gives an opportunity to explore rock ridges, ecosystems, and cliffs. The visitors can also go kayaking, swimming, and canoeing.


2. Itasca State Park

Itasca State Park

Itasca State Park is a great place to visit when you are in Minnesota. In this park, a family can have fun enjoying themselves. The park is spread over 30,000 acres. Itasca State Park is one of the state’s oldest parks as it was established in the late 1800s. There are huge 100 lakes within the park. Its greatest claim is the headwaters connected to the Mississippi River. In Itasca State Park you can do things like hunt, boat, fish, camp, swim, and hike. You can also visit a few noteworthy historic attractions.


3. Gooseberry Falls State Park

Gooseberry Falls State Park

Gooseberry Falls State Park is known for its picturesque waterfalls, stone structures, and woodsy wildlife. It is situated on the North Shore of Minnesota. In the winter months, you can enjoy cross-country skiing, hiking, and snowshoeing in this park. Gooseberry Falls sightseeing is a big draw to the park. This place is best for camping. This park is wonderful amenities such as a warming center, a theatre, and picnic pavilions.


4. Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store

If you have a sweet tooth then you should not miss visiting Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store. In this store, you will definitely get insane varieties of candies, soda pop, confections, and many more. There are not only the best candies you will get in this store but also brightly colored and unique art and architecture in the shop. If you will ever visit Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store you will be mesmerized by painted ceilings and whimsical scenes as well as food and pop culture impressions.


5. Visit International Wolf Center

Visit International Wolf Center

The Timberwolves are frequently spotted in Northern Minnesota, particularly at Voyagers National Park. Visiting and exploring International Wolf Center can be a unique thing to do in Minnesota. At the International Wolf Center, you can get to learn about the differences in wolves around the world as well as meet a live wolf exhibit. The International Wolf Center hosts special children’s programs as well as other immersive seminars and lectures as well.

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